1971 Richmond VA.
Only known film of original BANG performing

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Frankie Gilcken
 Lead Guitar
Frank Ferrara
  Lead vocal
Tony Diorio
Original Drummer
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Just Released

BANG - Bullets: The First Four Albums Plus ... 4CD BOX

Digitally remastered four CD collection.
Surely one of the most unsung bands in the history of American hard rock music, Bang released no less than three full-length albums for Capitol in the early 70s that criminally sank without trace. Undoubtedly the heaviest of America`s proto-metal bands from the period, they also had a strong sense of melodic power, which really should have led them to much bigger things. Often cited as being the closest band America had to Black Sabbath in the early 70s, there is much more to Bang than being mere copyists. This can finally be witnessed here on this deluxe CD set, which encapsulates all of the bands recorded output from their `Capitol Records Period`, which spanned from 1971-1974. Also included in here is the previously unreleased debut album `Death of a Country`, which was initially rejected by Capitol, as being a `heavy concept album` that they thought no one would understand. Highly regarded as a cult band by many for years, it`s now time for this truly amazing rock band to be enjoyed by a new audience.
Bang The Original

Unsung heroes get a much-deserved box set

Bang was a psychedelic hard rock act who came out of Florida in about 1970 with a sound that owed everything to the loudest bands of the day, specifically Blue Cheer, Jimi Hendrix and Vanilla Fudge. Much has been made of their Black Sabbath influences but, all these years later, it’s obvious that the West Coast vibe of The Doors and the unpredictable songwriting of the early Pink Floyd and the Beatles were just as crucial to the evolution of Bang’s sound.

The three-piece didn’t last long, calling it a day in 1973, but in that time they managed to deliver three albums and a Top 100 single before record company cynicism got the better of them. This box set gathers up those albums and – in a collector-friendly fashion – adds a sticker and a booklet with a lengthy biography by RC’s David Wells. The sun-soaked sounds of Bang (1971), Mother (’72) and Music (’75, with bonus unreleased tracks) are complemented by a fourth album, Death Of A Country, which didn’t see the light of day until 2004. Get this – you won’t be disappointed.

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